The Death of don vito

Ciao, Don Vito

Don Vito Rigatoni, head of the most powerful crime family in 1929 Chicago, is dead...and whether you are friend or foe, you are invited to his memorial. There are some questions about the circumstances of the Don’s death, so bring your sleuth skills along.

Dress to impress in your best 1920s outfits and we will provide you with a character description and background to aid you in this audience participation mystery.

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Ho-Ho Homicide

With the Christmas season well on its way, everyone at the North Pole is working hard to make this a holiday to remember. Despite the efforts of the arctic inhabitants, productivity is at an all-time low, upsetting many and putting Santa's legacy at stake

Desperate for a change, there are many who are willing to do almost anything to increase efficiency and restore eace at the North Pole. But only one will go too far and commit an act of murder in this mysetical place.

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